A kind of intelligent wireless Bluetooth keyboard making method

A keyboard is a command and data input device used to operate a computer device, also refers to a set of functional keys that are arranged through a system to operate a machine or device (e.g. typewriter, computer keyboard). Keyboard is also part of the composition of keyboard instruments, can also refer to the use of keyboard musical instruments, such as piano, digital piano or electronic piano, etc. Keyboard helps to practice typing, keyboard is the most commonly used and the main input device, through the keyboard can be entered into the English letters, Chinese characters, numbers, punctuation, etc., so as to send commands to the computer, input data, etc.. There are also some keyboards with various shortcut keys. With the passage of time, gradually the market also appears independent with a variety of shortcut function products sold separately, and with a special driver and setting software, in the compatible machine can also achieve personalized operation, Bluetooth keyboard refers to the Bluetooth protocol for wireless transmission, in the effective range of Bluetooth communication keyboard. In fact, it is a short-range radio technology, using "Bluetooth" technology, can effectively simplify the communication between mobile communication terminal devices such as handheld computers, laptops and cell phones, but the existing Bluetooth keyboard has certain defects, now need to have a smart wireless Bluetooth keyboard.
3. Because most of the existing Bluetooth keyboard in the use of functional single, resulting in the applicability and adjustability are very poor, in the daily use of very inconvenient, especially laptop users connected to the Bluetooth keyboard away from the laptop screen is not convenient to see, and the keyboard placed in the laptop comes with the keyboard and not convenient to type.