What is the Bluetooth keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard is a keyboard that transmits wirelessly through the Bluetooth protocol and communicates with Bluetooth within an effective range (within 10m). In fact, it is a short-range radio technology, and the use of "Bluetooth" technology can effectively simplify the communication between mobile communication terminals such as PDAs, laptops and cell phones.

What is a Bluetooth keyboard?

Bluetooth keyboard ST Microelectronics presents a complete solution for Bluetooth keyboards, with both three-chip and two-chip solutions. It can be used not only on PC, but also on PDA and cellular phone. There are two main solutions for market application, one is Broadcom 3.0, and another is LODA 3.0. Both solutions are more mature.

Three chip solution

Baseband chip, RF chip, Flash

Two-chip solution

Baseband chip + Flash, RF chip

Work in ISM band (2.4G Hz)

Transceiver: HID Bluetooth Dongle, support Windows98, 2000, XP, Andriod, Linux, Nokia s60 Apple os, windows mobile etc., can be installed without special software.

Data transfer rate of 1Mb/s

Adaptive frequency hopping technology.

ST72324L: 3.3V operating voltage, low power consumption, direct connection with Bluetooth chip, support 18×8 key matrix, support multi-function keys