Bluetooth keyboard with what chip solution

Bluetooth 5.0 chip can also bring stable and efficient data transmission, there is no disconnection during use, the delay becomes high, for text input or can easily be competent. This keyboard also supports automatic hibernation, you can wake up after tapping, reconnect speed is also very fast, further drop.

2, Bluetooth keyboard is a short-range radio technology, the use of "Bluetooth" technology, can effectively simplify handheld computers, laptops and cell phones and other mobile communication terminal devices between the communication. 3, Bluetooth keyboard ST Microelectronics launched Bluetooth keyboard.

There is a back cover support, and it is good to use. Intelligent chip, code no delay using imported Broadcom intelligent chip, coupled with 5.1 high-speed Bluetooth transmission design, typing without delay, responsive, stable connection, and support for shortcut function keys. Smart touchpad you deserve to use wiwu .

The main control chip used is Huafenda HFD48KP500, which is a monochrome Bluetooth mechanical keyboard program, have seen the previous GS104C dismantling machine can find that people use the same IC, only the lack of Bluetooth die on the C series and close the Bluetooth function, but the other functions of this program to get.

Broadcom today announced the launch of a new Bluetooth HID chip BCM20730, which is mainly used for Bluetooth keyboards, publicity claims that it does not need to replace or recharge the battery can make the keyboard work continuously for up to 10 years. The chip can be used not only in keyboards, but also in mice, smartphones and computers. The chip transmits the signal method is Bluetooth 4.0 specification, but.