Some small knowledge of wireless mouse

Wireless mouse has now become a lot of people commonly used a device, that about the wireless mouse some knowledge you know?

1, bluetooth mouse without another receiver, directly connected to use, more convenient, for notebooks and other mobile PC devices to save valuable USB interface, and for some without the traditional USB interface of the tablet, two-in-one is more convenient.

In addition, the Bluetooth power-saving ability is outstanding, it will enter a very short period of time into a low-power or hibernation state, in the action will wake up, but this feature also affects its performance, many users who have used the Bluetooth mouse will be an intuitive feeling, is more "meat", always feel less sensitive, like slow half a beat.

2, wireless mouse and wired mouse has one of the biggest differences, wireless mouse needs to be powered by the battery, and wired mouse can be powered by computer.

So the size of the wireless mouse battery power consumption can affect the user's use of the cost of the problem, which is also the most users respond to a problem, some wireless mouse power consumption is larger, need to often replace the battery, to many users to increase the cost of late use.

But from the market, the battery life in about 3 months of the product is a good choice, and users can consider using rechargeable batteries to save the late cost.