Design and implementation of Bluetooth wireless mouse

Bluetooth is an advanced wireless communication technology that has good prospects for application in wireless mice. This paper describes the Bluetooth mouse product solution aiming at lower cost.

As the current common Bluetooth mouse device controller is used to embed the Bluetooth core ASIC chip, so the implementation is complex and expensive, and the design of the paper is unique: a 51 microcontroller as the mouse microcontroller, as well as the control of the Bluetooth module host, give full play to the performance of the 51 microcontroller, to achieve a low-cost design, with a certain degree of practicality and innovation; PC software is designed The software on the PC side is designed as an application running in the background, receiving data from the USB interface and processing it to simulate the mouse function, this design is simple and easy to implement, and the idea is clever.

This paper gives a brief introduction to Bluetooth technology, and then explains the protocol architecture of Bluetooth and the relationship between each protocol, focusing on the host controller interface (HCI) layer and the implementation mechanism of HCI commands and HCI events. Finally, the hardware and software interfaces between the microcontroller and the Bluetooth module are analyzed using Ericsson's Bluetooth module ROK101008 as an example. The specific design process includes: overall scheme design, system circuit design, introduction of HCI protocol system, software design of mouse microcontroller part, software design of PC side, etc. This project is an exploration of the application of Bluetooth wireless communication technology to computer peripherals, and provides theoretical and practical preparation for future research.