The difference between Bluetooth mouse and wireless mouse (talk about the 3 major differences between the two comparison)

1, the working principle of the connection is different.

Wireless mouse generally refers to the 2.4G wireless connection technology, its frequency band between 2.400GHz and 2.4835GHz, so referred to as 2.4G wireless technology. And bluetooth mouse is using bluetooth signal, belongs to the short-range wireless communication technology.

(Note: Broadly speaking, Bluetooth technology belongs to wireless, so Bluetooth mouse belongs to a class of wireless mouse, but in the shopping search when the general wireless mouse will recommend you are wireless 2.4G mouse, so here I default wireless mouse refers to wireless 2.4G mouse)

2, the connection distance range is different, bluetooth coverage range distance is greater than wireless (2.4G).

Wireless (2.4G) mouse 2-5 meters, theoretically the maximum to 10 meters of transmission range, while the Bluetooth 5.2 transmission distance theoretically can be 300 meters.

3, wireless (2.4G) mouse need to pair the USB adapter, now the new computer are built-in Bluetooth module.

Wireless (2.4G) mouse are necessary to have a paired USB adapter, inserted into the computer USB port to connect to use. And bluetooth mouse does not need to use a separate adapter, most notebooks are built-in bluetooth module.